Roget's Super Thesaurus, 3rd Edition by Marc McCutcheon

By Marc McCutcheon

That includes quick-find association and the one opposite dictionary in any word list, this beneficial reference software is designed with a great deal of good judgment association to assist clients locate simply the ideal word--and locate it quickly. ideal for college kids, executives, poets, crossword staff and others who have to use simply the proper phrases.

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ANT. friend, colleague, advocate. 34 Roget’s Superthesaurus ANTAGONIZE v. [an TAG uh niyz] to rile another; to offend or make angry. Husbands and wives who antagonize one another often end up in divorce court. SYN. offend, rile, repel, alienate, *piss off, oppose, rankle, *rattle one’s cage, *yank one’s chain, irritate, fill with hostility, anger, estrange. ANT. befriend, smooth things over, soothe. ante n. wager, stake, bet. antebellum a. pre-Civil War, pre-war, before the war, early nineteenth century, historical.

Antidote n. 1. ANTIVENIN antitoxin, neutralizer, counteracting agent. 2. CURE remedy, neutralizer, medicine, vaccine, curative, corrective. antipasto n. appetizer. ANTIPATHY n. [an TIP uh thee] an acute dislike, aversion. He feels a certain antipathy toward telephone solicitors. SYN. aversion, dislike, hatred, antagonism, animosity, revulsion, loathing, distaste, abhorrence, enmity, repugnance. ANT. liking, attraction, appeal, affection. ANTIQUATED a. [ANT i kwayt ed] obsolete, out of date. With the introduction of the automobile, the horse and buggy became antiquated.

Allergen n. irritant, immune trigger, antigen, foreign substance, pollen, dust mite, dander, ragweed. allergic a. immune sensitive, sensitive, susceptible, hypersensitive, averse to. allergy n. sensitivity, susceptibility, hypersensitivity, immune defense, hay fever, aversion. SEE MEDICINE WORD FIND extreme alergic reation: anaphylaxis red blotches: hives alleviate v. lighten, lessen, reduce, relieve, ease, 26 Roget’s Superthesaurus mitigate, allay, soften, diminish, slake, assuage. ANT. exacerbate, intensify, aggravate.

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