Optical Imaging and Microscopy: Techniques and Advanced by S. Inoué (auth.), Peter Török, Fu-Jen Kao (eds.)

By S. Inoué (auth.), Peter Török, Fu-Jen Kao (eds.)

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40 Rimas Juˇskaitis Fig. 13. Temperature variation of primary ( ) and secondary (•) spherical aberrations as well as magnitudes of astigmatism ( ), coma ( ) and trefoil ( ). The latter three were defined as a = a2s + a2c , where a2s and a2s are the sin and cos components of the corresponding aberrations Strictly speaking aberrations caused by the refractive index changes in the immersion fluid should not be regarded as lens aberrations. In practice, however, the lenses are designed for a particular set of layers of well defined thicknesses and refractive indexes between the front of the lens and the specimen.

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