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Occupational Therapy Manual for the Evaluation of Range of by Donna Latella

By Donna Latella

This occupational remedy handbook instructs scholars within the use of evaluate instruments while comparing the diversity of movement and power of consumers, but emphasizes the time potency required in modern healthcare surroundings. scholars discover ways to display consumers for power and movement deficits utilizing useful commentary and to formulate applicable intervention plans via gross handbook muscle review. scholars additionally obtain guide in tools of remoted handbook muscle checking out and whilst it really is acceptable to development to this particular evaluation.

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Middle phalanx of the digit being measured Therapist Position: Observe and possibly stabilize at the MCPs to prevent compensation. imal phalanx of the digit being measured MOVABLE ARM: dorsal and the midline of the Goniometry ■ 33 Digit: PIP extension End feel: firm Normal ROM: 90–0 degrees Figure 1-5-15 Start position for hand PIP extension. Figure 1-5-16 End position for hand PIP extension. Client Position: Client is sitting with feet on the Therapist Position: Observe and possibly floor. stabilize the MCPs in extension to prevent compensation.

Floor. Starting—testing extremity is at client’s side, humerus adducted, elbow flexed to 90 degrees, forearm in neutral (Figure 1-4-7). Ending—client moves the testing extremity into maximum forearm pronation (Figure 1-4-8). Goniometer Position: FULCRUM: ulnar styloid process STABLE ARM: perpendicular to the floor MOVABLE ARM: across dorsal surface of the distal forearm Alternate Test Client holds a pencil tightly in a closed fist of the testing extremity (Figures 1-4-7a and 1-4-8a). Figure 1-4-7a Alternate start position for forearm pronation.

Client Position: Client is supine and pelvis stabi- Goniometer Position: lized on surface. FULCRUM: over anterior superior iliac spine Starting—testing extremity is in hip abduction and knee extension (Figure 1-6-7). (ASIS) Ending—client moves the testing extremity into maximum hip adduction (Figure 1-6-8). Therapist Position: Observe at the pelvis and lum- bar region to prevent compensatory movement. STABLE ARM: horizontally between both ASIS MOVABLE ARM: parallel to the anterior midline of the femur Goniometry ■ 47 Hip: external rotation End feel: firm Normal ROM: 0–45 degrees Figure 1-6-9 Start position for hip external rotation.

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