NTC's Super-Mini English Dictionary by Richard Spears

By Richard Spears

This dictionary will be small in stature, however it could be a tremendous aid to you while you are studying English. NTC's Super-Mini English Dictionary includes a finished thesaurus but is compact sufficient to slot in your pocket. you have entry to the spelling, pronunciation, a part of speech, that means, and abnormal types of greater than 7,500 of the commonest and uncomplicated phrases utilized in English.

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Adv. every time; each time. 2. adv. forever; without end. , irreg. the first-person present sg form of be. ) amaze [@ "mez] tv. to cause wonder in someone; to astound or astonish someone. ambulance ["Am bj@ l@ns] n. a vehicle for taking sick or injured people to the hospital. amend [@ "mEnd] tv. to change something; to modify something (especially laws). amendment [@ "mEnd m@nt] n. a change made by correcting or adding to something. America [@ "mEr I k@] 1. n. the continents of the New World. 2.

N. a response to a situation; a way of solving a problem. 3. tv. to give a response to something, such as a test question or a letter. 4. tv. to reply to someone. ) 5. iv. to give a reply. 12 anymore ant ["Ant] n. a small insect that lives in a colony. antenna [An "tEn @] 1. n. a device that collects or receives electromagnetic signals that have been broadcast, such as for radio or television. ) 2. , irreg. one of the sensitive feelers found in pairs on the heads of insects and some sea creatures.

The building where money is loaned, saved, and protected. 3. n. a place where certain objects are stored. 4. n. the land along the side of a river, stream, or canal. 5. n. a row or set of objects. 6. iv. to do business with Q. 7. ϳ on to count on something; to rely on something. banker ["bAN k#] n. someone who is an owner of or an important officer in a bank. banquet ["bAN kwIt] 1. n. a dinner and speeches, usually connected with a celebration or an event. 2. n. a special dinner with a large menu; a feast.

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