Nonselective Cation Channels: Pharmacology, Physiology and by Detlef Siemen (auth.), Professor Dr. Detlef Siemen, PD Dr.

By Detlef Siemen (auth.), Professor Dr. Detlef Siemen, PD Dr. Jürgen Hescheler (eds.)

It may be argued that nonselective cation channels have been the 1st kind of ion channel to be defined, although the be aware channel was once no longer used on the time. Their life used to be implied via Fatt and Katz in 1952, once they defined the motion of acetylcholine on the muscle endplate as generating "a huge nonselective elevate of ion permeability, i.e. a brief circuit". presently afterwards, in 1956, Katz observed "aqueous channels in which small ions can cross ... " (del Castillo and Katz, Prog. Biophysics and Biophys. Chern. 6, 121-170). Now, greater than thirty years later, it has turn into transparent that there are way more sorts of nonselective cation channels than someone can have imagined many years in the past, and they are present in an unlimited variety of tissues. One has, after all, develop into relatively conversant in such range in, for instance, GABA receptors, yet this isn't particularly a similar factor. A in relation to GABAA receptor we're speaking a few really slender diversity of structural variety (resulting principally from alterations in subunit composition) inside of a unmarried form of channel with more-or-Iess good­ outlined functionality. on the subject of nonselective cation channels the functionality is usually no longer recognized, and comparatively few were cloned. it sort of feels convinced notwithstanding, that they surround quite a lot of fairly diverse structural types.

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Allowing a longer lasting cellular response and a refill of the IP}-sensitive Ca2 + stores. , 1992). The molecular basis of communication between the intracellular IP}-sensitive Ca 2 + pools to the plasma membrane cation channels is not known and is the subject of continuous speculation. In some cellular systems, hormonal factors interacting with heptahelical G-protein-interacting receptors cause fast effects on cation channels which can, so far at least in a few systems, be observed in isolated patches where effects of intracellular organelles or second messengers on the ion channel activity cannot occur.

Cell-Calcium. ; Pharmacol-Res. ; Pharmacol-Res. ; Toxicon. ; J-Pharmacol-Exp-Ther. ; Bioi-Ceil. ; Toxicon. ; J-Mol-Endocrinol. , 1990). It is very likely that they bind directly to nonselective cation channels, since the blocking effect was also identified in inside-out patches. Other non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs, such as indomethacin, acetylsalicyl acid, and ibuprofen were without effect. , 1992). Flufenamic acid and mefenamic acid rapidly and reversibly blocked this nonselective cation channel, and inhibited the cloning effciency and growth rate of these cells, substantiating the hypothesis that nonselective cation channel activation forms a neccessary component in the transduction of the mitogenic signal from PDGF receptors.

Kaupp UB (1991). The cyclic nucleotide-gated channel of vertebrate photo receptors and olfactory epithelium. TINS 14: 150-157. Kinnamon SC, Cummings TA (1992). Chemosensory transduction mechanisms in taste. Annu. Rev. Physiol. 54:715-731. Krautwurst 0, Seifert R, Hescheler J, Schultz G (1992). Formyl peptides and ATP stimulate Ca2+ and Na + inward currents through non-selective cation channels via G-proteins in dibutyryl cyclic AMP-differentiated HL-60 cells. Biochem. J. 288:1025-1035. Lechleiter JD, Dartt DA, Brehm P (1988).

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