New Peace Country: Chinese Gazetteer of the Hong Kong Region by Peter Y.L. Ng

By Peter Y.L. Ng

In 1573 the Guangdong Province county of Dongguan used to be divided into 2 elements, one in all which was once named Xin'an Xian (New Peace County). Its six hundred sq. miles of territory incorporated all of what's now Hong Kong & the recent Terr. the recent county was once bad, moderately populated & pressured by means of marauding bands of pirates & land-based ruffians. This Gazetteer used to be the mixed paintings of local community & officers. It handled the geog., background, economic climate, traditions & lit. of the realm & is still this day the fullest resource of information. on pre-20th cent. Xin'an. This ebook appears on the 1819 ed. of the gazetteer, the final revision of it to be made. The English-language chapters are below four headings background, Geog., Econ. & Gov't. outdated maps were redrawn. Inset map.

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3 Many of the hills are badly eroded where alternate sunbaking and torrential rainfall have stripped the topsoil away. Water retention is minimal and drought can occur very shortly after abundant rain, but on sheltered hillsides and in the valleys vegetation is lush. Chapter Three of the gazetteer lists a great variety of vegetable products of the area, including some thirty different grains, many green vegetables, teas, bamboos, rattans, and sub-tropical fruits such as litchis, pomelos, water-melons and pineapples.

South China was again divided into departments and subdivided into counties. N a n Hai had six counties and of these it was the county of Boluo ff H which controlled our area. From the H a n dynasty onwards the names of the administrative units changed through Bao'an H^r and Dongguan ^M to the creation of Xin'an County in 1573. 10 T o the relatively sophisticated northern Chinese of Han times the south was a wild and fearsome place. 11 The colonization of south China had begun with the transportation of convicts from the north to open up waste-land and the posting of garrisons at strategic points along the border.

Guangdong came under the rule of local kings who gave their dynasty the name of Southern Han #SI . i£g [the last Southern Han King] occupied Ling Nan ftfij and recruited eight thousand men for the specific purpose of gathering pearls at Meichuan Dou M)W9 . Each man had a stone tied to his foot and had to dive to a depth of five to seven hundred feet. Drownings were commonplace. 20 22 New Peace County In history there have been two major movements of the Chinese people southwards. The first occurred in the early fourth century AD as a result of famine and invasion from the north by the Wu Hu 2LIS8 tribes.

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