Mother of Knowledge: The Enlightenment of Ye-Shes by Nam-Mkha'i-Snyi

By Nam-Mkha'i-Snyi

This biography of Yeshe Tsogyal, the nearest disciple of Padmasambhava, is written by means of one in every of her fellow disciples. The publication tells the dramatic tale of her flight from domestic, her lifestyles as a queen of Tibet, the levels of her non secular education, and her enlightened accomplishments. an important lady within the Nyingma lineage, she acquired all of Padmasambhava's teachings and used to be instrumental in transmitting them to destiny generations. this article demonstrates the characteristics and attitudes crucial for the pursuit of the Vajrayana. A rediscovered Terma textual content. followed for classes at 5 universities. contains complete colour thankas, line drawings, map, and thesaurus.

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HRf! HRf! " she completely disappeared. At the same time the earth trembled and rays of light criss-crossed the sky; an ear-splitting din rent the air, followed by a great rushing, clashing sound, and a little spring of water near the palace grew into a small lake. That same night, the lord and his lady both had very strange dreams. dPal-gyi dbang-phyug dreamt he held an eight-petalled lotus in his hands, and from the lotus rays of light emanated in all directions, filling all the three thousand realms of this universe without exception.

The red letter A came into view, and from it spiralled a garland of white vowels. The white letter VAM appeared and from it spiralled a chain of red consonants. The lights and letters penetrated into the world, striking the ground in sGrags-gi se'u valley in the land of Tibet. This Completes the First Chapter Concerning How Ye-shes mTsho-rgyal Saw the Need for Being:. to be Taught and Manifested in the World. 13 Padmasambhava The Arrival and Manifestation of Ye-shes mTsho-rgyal in the Land of Tibet T he earliest Tibetan king was gNya'-khri btsan-po; his reign was the first of a dynasty which continued up through King gNam-ri srong-btsan.

From her the profound treasures come forththe supreme siddhis, the Rainbow Body, the Vajra Body are her attainments. The name of this qakini, this Teacher, is Ye-shes mTsho-rgyal. This is her Life Story. H~r biography and collected teachings, the heart's blood of the qakini, were committed to writing for the benefit of sentient beings yet to come. They were concealed and then guarded by the Protectors, the Lion-faced Demon Protector and the Flaming Black Demon Lord. ~;a1J:~g~s EMaHo! Padma Thod-phreng-rtsal is the Mantra Holder, essence of the Buddhas of the three times.

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