Modern Socialism by Massimo Salvadori (eds.)

By Massimo Salvadori (eds.)

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Occasionally the matter is referred to Parliament. And now for their working conditions. Well, there's one job they all do, irrespective of sex, and that's farming. It's part of every THE CONTINUING THREAD child's education. They learn the principles of agriculture at school, and they're taken for regular outings into the fields near the town, where they not only watch farm-work being done, but also do some themselves, as a form of exercise. Besides farming which, as I say, is everybody's job, each person is taught a special trade of his own.

DEMOCRATIC sociALISM: Anti-communist socialists reorganized the Second International, disrupted in 1914 by the antagonism between pacifist socialists and socialists who had supported the war effort of the respective countries. It became the Labor and Socialist International in 192 3, when it merged with the so-called Vienna International formed in 1920 by socialists who had tried to stop the split between communists and anti-communists from becoming final. By the time World War II began, socialists who objected to communism had, except for small groups, abandoned the Lassallean position of rejecting governmental responsibility within the liinitations imposed by constitutional democracy, while using universal suffrage as the road to power.

The Canadian Liberal Party's progressiveness deprived democratic socialists of much of the appeal they might otherwise have had for the electorate. Weakness of socialist parties in North America does not mean absence of socialist tendencies and aspirations. Large sections of the American and Canadian intelligentsia are socialist-inclined. At the same time they realize that, together with the emphasis on individualism, free enterprise, competition, and anything else that horrifies socialists, there is, in the American and Canadian way of life-as already noted-a good deal of socialism in the sense of community feeling, solidarity, concern for others, willingness to give high priority to the social good.

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