Modelling the Human Body Exposure to Elf Electric Fields by C. Peratta, A. Peratta

By C. Peratta, A. Peratta

This publication describes recommendations to enquire the habit of electricfields and triggered currents within the human physique uncovered to varied eventualities of super low frequency (ELF) excessive voltage - low present electromagnetic fields via numerical modelling with greater Boundary point equipment (BEM). various 3 dimensional anatomically formed human bodymodels below assorted publicity stipulations are offered and solved.

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Thus, the cell itself is heterogeneous. Despite this heterogeneity, the cell can be modelled by an effective conductivity that takes into account the conductivity and dimensions of both media. 5 S/m and 10–7 S/m, respectively, the equivalent conductivity of the cell results to be σp = 2 × 10–4 S/m [64]. 36 MODELLING THE HUMAN BODY EXPOSURE TO ELF ELECTRIC FIELDS Therefore, at ELF, the cells are treated as non-conductive particles and the intracellular fluid does not play any role in the conduction of currents.

If the net field inside the material does not vanish, it will be reduced by an amount that depends on the ability of the material to transport charges. This reduction is characterised by the dielectric constant or relative permittivity [51] according to the following equation: Enet = Ea εr . e. εr = ε . 3) In general, biological tissues exhibit characteristics of conductors and insulators at the same time [50] as they are made of polar molecules, such as water, but they also have charges that can move in a restricted way.

And finally, it is necessary to determine the biological response, if exists, to the local field [61]. 3 Available data on dielectric properties Dielectric properties of biological tissues have been extensively studied theoretically and experimentally. Early works of Cook has been performed in 1951 [69, 70]. An extremely large contribution is made by Schwan (1957) and his colleges who dominated the literature in the 1950s and 1960s [58]. Durney has reviewed and tabulated his previous work in 1986 [50].

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