Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote by Joyce Milton

By Joyce Milton

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Show me her picture, one demands, and then I’ll decide for myself. Angered by this lack of respect, Don Quixote spurs his horse to a charge, but Rozinante stumbles and Don Quixote falls to the ground. One of the merchants gives the Don a good drubbing with his broken lance. NOTE: Much of the action in Don Quixote is pure slapstick. The Don is always getting involved in pointless, silly battles. If you think that some of these fights would not be out of place in a Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy comedy, you are absolutely right.

Or are they “sick” individuals in need of therapy? (The Don’s reasoning is a little different from these modern arguments. ) The author purposely makes Don Quixote look foolish by having him take a very extreme and naive position. But you may remember that Cervantes himself was thrown into jail more than once for crimes he did not commit. So perhaps he is in sympathy with Quixote’s ideas. What do you think? CHAPTERS 23-30 This section of the novel concerns Don Quixote’s adventures in the Sierra Morena, or Black Mountain.

Often, when he tries hardest, he fails completely. But he can also succeed by accident. When Don Quixote mistakes the prostitutes for ladies, they treat him with kindness, almost as if they really were ladies. The innkeeper even behaves like a lord, letting Don Quixote leave the inn without paying for his food and lodging, as if he were an invited guest and not a paying customer. CHAPTERS 5-7 A poor man from Don Quixote’s village finds the Don on the road, battered and delirious, and brings him home.

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