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Methods for Assessing Children's Syntax (Language, Speech, by Dana McDaniel, Helen Smith Cairns, Cecile McKee

By Dana McDaniel, Helen Smith Cairns, Cecile McKee

The learn of kid language and, particularly, baby syntax is a starting to be region of linguistic study, but methodological matters usually take a again seat to the findings and conclusions of particular reports within the box. This e-book is designed partly as a guide to aid scholars and researchers within the selection and use of tools for investigating kid's grammar. for instance, a style (or mix of equipment) might be selected according to what's measured and who the objective topic is. as well as the choice of equipment, there also are tips for designing and carrying out experimental stories and for comparing research.

Methods for Assessing kid's Syntax combines the easiest beneficial properties of methods built in experimental psychology and linguistics that flooring the research of language in the research of human cognition. the 1st 3 components concentrate on particular equipment, divided based on the kind of info amassed: construction, comprehension, and judgment. Chapters within the fourth half take in normal methodological concerns that come up despite which procedure is used. all the tools defined could be converted to fulfill the necessities of a selected study.

Contributors: Helen Smith Cairns, Katherine Demuth, Jill de Villiers, Suzanne Flynn, Claire Foley, LouAnn Gerken, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Helen Goodluck, Peter Gordon, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Jennifer Ryan Hsu, Louis Michael Hsu, Celia Jakubowicz, Laurence B. Leonard, Barbara Lust, Dana McDaniel, Cecile McKee, Thomas Roeper, Michele E. Shady, Karin Stromswold, Rosalind Thornton

Language, Speech, and verbal exchange series

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5 Testing the Statistical Significance of Acquisitional Findings Whenever possible, statistical tests should be performed on the results of spontaneous speech studies. Spontaneous speech studies must include a large enough number of children and a large enough sample of utterances per child for statistical tests to have sufficient power. How many children must be included in a study depends on the complexity or richness of the predictions being tested, the types of statistical tests being performed, and the size and uniformity of the effect being measured.

The two transcriptions should then be checked for validity. Backup copies of all work should be made. Transcription is a painstaking process. I found that even when I worked with the mother or grandmother of the child, broad phonemic transcription of 1 hour of audiotape of the Sesotho corpus generally took 7 hours. Allen (1994) and Crago (1988) found that Inuktitut speakers transcribed about 2 to 5 minutes of videotape per hour. In other words, transcribing either audio- or videotape requires a large investment of time.

Children might acquire actives before by passives because they hear considerably fewer examples of by passives than actives (an input account). Children might (appear to) acquire actives before by passives because they use active sentences much more frequently than by passives and, therefore, samples of their speech are more likely to include examples of actives than by passives (a sampling account). Children might acquire passives later than actives because the pragmatic/discourse factors governing when passives are appropriate are more complex or restrictive than those involved for actives (a pragmatic account).

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