Metal-Induced Crystallization: Fundamentals and Applications by Zumin Wang, Lars P. H. Jeurgens, Eric J. Mittemeijer

By Zumin Wang, Lars P. H. Jeurgens, Eric J. Mittemeijer

This publication offers the 1st complete and in-depth evaluate of the present primary knowing of metal-induced crystallization and extra elucidates how you can hire this approach in quite a few applied sciences, together with in thin-film sunlight cells and exhibit applied sciences. It goals to provide the reader an intensive viewpoint of metal-induced crystallization and thereby stimulate the improvement of novel crystalline-semiconductor-based applied sciences.

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A comparison of the interface energies GB of metal high-angle GBs ( g , here M: Al, Ag, Au) and two times the /{S} (here S: Si, Ge) interphase boundaries ( 2 × g M |{S} ) is provided in Fig. 3. , Al/a-Si, Al/aGe, Au/a-Si, and Ag/a-Si) because this reduces the Gibbs energy of the system (see the corresponding schematic illustration in Fig. 3a). 1) As shown in Figs. 6 J m–2 (at 150°C) for most metal/amorphous semiconductor systems. 2). The kinetics of the GB wetting is controlled by the diffusion of semiconductor atoms along the GBs in the metal.

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