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Medical Terminology Simplified: A Programmed Learning by Barbara A. Gylys MEd CMA-A (AAMA), Regina M. Masters BSN

By Barbara A. Gylys MEd CMA-A (AAMA), Regina M. Masters BSN RN MEd CMA (AAMA)

Nice booklet! simply what i wished for my class,it used to be brought in checklist time.I hugely suggest it to different scholars on the cheap. thank you

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Inflammation of the stomach and intestine (usually small intestine) ! In addition to word roots and CFs in bold and suffixes in blue, in subsequent frames, all prefixes that stand alone will be set in pink type. Pronunciation Guidelines Although pronunciation of medical words usually follows the same rules that govern pronunciation of English words, some medical terms may be difficult to pronounce when first encountered. Selected terms in this book include phonetic pronunciation. In addition, pronunciation guidelines can be found on the inside front cover of this book.

The principal technique used throughout the book is known as programmed learning, which consists of a series of teaching units called frames. Each frame presents information and calls for an answer on your part. When you complete a sentence by writing an answer on the blank line, you are learning information by using the programmed learning technique. A frame consists of a block of information and a blank line. The purpose answer of the blank line is to write an ____________________. 1 2 CHAPTER 1 • INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMED LEARNING AND MEDICAL WORD BUILDING 1–2 Slide the card down in the left column to see the correct answer.

The levels of organization from the least to the most complex are the: 26 ■ Cellular level, the smallest structural and functional unit of the body ■ Tissue level, groups of cells that perform a specialized function ■ Organ level, groups of tissues that perform a specific function ■ System level, groups of organs that are interconnected or that have similar or interrelated functions ■ Organism level, collection of body systems that makes up the most complex level—a living human being. Basic Units of Structure Organism level Cellular level Tissue level System level Organ level Figure 2-1 Levels of structural organization of the human body shown from the basic unit of structure, the cellular level, to the most complex, the organism level—a living human being.

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