Masterworks of Science: Digests of 13 Great Classics by John Warren Knedler

By John Warren Knedler

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New Theories of Everything: The Quest For Ultimate Explanation

Do we ever find a unmarried clinical idea that tells us every little thing that has occurred, and every thing that would ensue, on each point within the Universe? the hunt for the idea of every little thing - a unmarried key that unlocks all of the secrets and techniques of the Universe - isn't any longer a pipe-dream, however the concentration of a few of our most enjoyable study in regards to the constitution of the cosmos.

Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours

Physicians in old Greece believed 4 humours flowed in the human body—blood, phlegm, black bile, and choler—determining a person's future health, temper, and personality. now not till the 17th century might a extra complicated view of the anatomy start to emerge. yet by way of then humoural conception had already turn into deeply ingrained in Western language and thought—and endures to this present day in fabulous methods.

Science Education for Diversity: Theory and Practice

Reflecting the very most up-to-date concept on variety matters in technological know-how schooling, together with new dialogic ways, this quantity explores the topic from various views and attracts on reports from around the globe. The paintings discusses basic subject matters equivalent to how we conceptualize variety in addition to analyzing the ways that heterogeneous cultural constructs effect the instructing and studying of technological know-how in a number of contexts.

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240, by (3) and (4) i%iX 11/40^4oX 11/40 (5). It follows that AB2 :BF2 < ( ioo7 2 +66 2 ) :66 2 < 1018405:4356. _ ON FLOATING BODIES ARCHIMEDES ^B:BF 66:2017% whence .................... (7). Now the angle BAG which is the result of the fourth bisection of the one-third of a right angle, is equal to one-forty-eighth f or of angle of a right angle.

That the Earth also is Spherical is spherical, all its sides resting upon its center. Of perfect sphericity is not immediately seen because of the great height of the mountains and the great depth of the valleys. But these scarcely modify the total rotundity of the earth. Its sphericity is manifest. Indeed, for those who, from any part of the earth, journey towards the SIMILARLY, the earth course, its north, the pole of diurnal revolution little by little rises and the opposite pole declines, and many stars in the northern region seem never to set, whereas others in the southern regions seem never to rise.

Let the plane of ABCD Conceive also another pyramid in the fluid with vertex continuous with the former pyramid and equal and similar to it. Let the pyramid so described be cut in OM, ON by the plane of ABCD, Lastly, let STUV be a part of the fluid within the second pyramid equal and similar to the part BGHC of "the solid, and let SV be at the } surface of the fluid. Then the pressures on PQ, QR arc unequal, that on PQ being the Hence the part at QR will be set in motion by that at PQ, and greater.

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