Space Opera

Marooned (Star Trek Voyager, No 14) by Christie Golden

By Christie Golden

While an alien pirate abducts Kes, Voyager takes to the air in sizzling pursuit, however the first rescue project fails disastrously and the away group will get stranded on an unknown international, while Voyager confronts an enemy fleet deep in area.

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Heaven's Queen (Paradox, Book 3)

From the instant she took a task on Captain Caldswell's doomed send, Devi Morris' existence has been one catastrophe after one other: govt conspiracies, alien races out for her blood, an incurable virus that's consuming her alive.

Now, with the captain lacking and everybody —-even her personal government—- decided to seek her down, issues are going from undesirable to most unlikely. the practical plan will be to conceal and look ahead to issues to blow over, yet Devi's by no means been one to shy from a struggle, and she's getting strong ill of running.

It's time to place this concern on her phrases and do what she is aware is true. yet with all human existence putting on her activities, the cost of taking a stand should be greater than she will be able to pay.

Suchkommando Rhodan (Perry Rhodan Neo, Band 56; Arkon, Band 8)

English intro
Perry Rhodan is the identify of a technological know-how fiction sequence released given that 1961 in Germany, in addition to the identify of its major personality. it's a area opera, facing all significant issues of technological know-how fiction. Having offered over billion copies in pulp ebook layout around the world, it's the so much profitable technological know-how fiction e-book sequence ever written.
Perry Rhodan Neo is a reboot of the storyline beginning within the 12 months 2036 rather than 1971.
For additional information at the material, see the English Wikipedia article on Perry Rhodan and/or the corresponding German Wikipedia article.

Deutsche Einführung
Perry Rhodan ist der Titelheld der gleichnamigen deutschen Science-Fiction-Serie, die seit dem eight. September 1961 ununterbrochen wöchentlich in shape von Heftromanen mit einer Druckauflage von etwa eighty. 000 Heften (Stand: Jahr 2011) erscheint. Insgesamt sind bisher 2700 Hefte mit run a hundred and sixty. 000 Seiten erschienen, deren Geschichten einen Zeitraum von über 3000 Jahren umfassen (Stand: Mai 2013).
Am 30. September 2011 startete parallel zur alten Serie eine Neufassung additionally Perry Rhodan Neo, mit dem Untertitel „Die Zukunft beginnt von vorn“. In dieser landet Perry Rhodan erst im Jahr 2036 auf dem Mond. Die Serie erscheint zweiwöchentlich und ist nach drei Staffeln mit je acht Taschenheften ab Heft 25 in Staffeln mit jeweils zwölf Romanen gegliedert.
Während die Perry-Rhodan-Heftromanserie von den geopolitischen Begebenheiten der realen Welt Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts ausging und die Handlung in einer nahen Zukunft beginnen ließ, geht Perry Rhodan Neo 50 Jahre später von der realen Welt des frühen 21. Jahrhunderts aus und beginnt ebenfalls in einer nahen Zukunft. So fliegt Perry Rhodan nicht im Jahre 1971 zum Mond, sondern erst 2036. Die Handlung nimmt somit aufgrund der geänderten Ausgangslage einen alternativen Verlauf. Die klassischen cause der Serie werden ebenfalls in eine nahe Zukunft verlagert und entsprechend interpretiert. Es werden neue Figuren eingeführt und bekannte Figuren in einem neuen Licht gezeigt.
Die Serie ist somit nicht kanonisch in Bezug auf das klassische Perryversum. Nach der Aussage Klaus N. Fricks auf dem five. Weltcon 2011 in Mannheim wird es auch keine Überschneidungen oder Referenzen zwischen den Serien wie zu den Atlan-Serien geben. Perry Rhodan und Perry Rhodan Neo bilden jeweils einen „eigenen Kosmos“.

Zyklus: 6. Zyklus: Arkon
Handlung und weitere Informationen (Achtung: Spoiler! ): Perrypedia: PRN56

Wichtig: Um alle diesem Zyklus zugehörigen Hefte auf einmal herunterzuladen, bitte auf den Collections-Link in der Seitenleiste klicken und dann weiter in der Sammlung den . zip hyperlink klicken.

The Tar-Aiym Krang (Pip & Flinx, Book 2)

Moth used to be a stunning planet, the single one with wings—two nice golden clouds suspended in house round it.
Here was once a wide-open international for any enterprise a guy may perhaps scheme. The planet attracted unwary tourists, hardened space-sailors, and service provider buccaneers—a teeming, continually transferring horde that supplied a comfy source of revenue for definite quick-witted fellows like Flinx and his puppy flying snake Pip. together with his abnormal skills, the pickings have been effortless sufficient in order that Flinx didn't have to be dishonest… many of the time.
In truth, it infrequently appeared cheating in any respect to thieve a starmap from a useless physique that didn't really want it anymore. yet Flinx wasn't relatively clever adequate. He must have puzzled why the physique used to be lifeless within the first place…

Originally released 1972 through Del Rey.

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It truly is demanding to maintain a very good PSYCHOPATH DOWNTIME. .. And it really is more durable to determine which psychopath to worry so much! Senator John Caddrick hires a qualified murderer to homicide his personal daughter and threatens to ruin the complete time-touring undefined. Caddrick's employed gun plans a high-level double pass -- yet then everyone's plans are thrown into chaos while Jack the Ripper's killing spree spreads from Victorian London to Time Terminal Eighty-Six.

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Though this indicates an extremely high level of technology, the fact that some of the holograms were so simple indicates a limited number of resources. This station was no real base for anyone, merely an ideal location for a trap. Much as we aboard Voyager have learned to value Kes's contributions, we remain utterly at a loss as to why someone would set up so complex a trap for one member of the crew, and indeed, a member with the least amount of useful knowledge of our technology. Perhaps they were in need of her medical skills.

The words died as she saw that the administrator had something metallic and dangerous looking pointed directly at her. "It's time to leave, my dear. " Tom PARIS HAD ENURED MAW A BAR IN HIS DAY, AM all of them, he had discovered, had a few things in common. Beverages of varying potencies were always served. A large member of the predominant race lurked by the door, ready to eject customers who had overindulged in those beverages. The lighting was dim, and some kind of game of chance was usually being played.

What happened? " "Of a sort," replied Aren. He clasped his hands behind him and began to lead his visitors along the rows of shops. For the first time, Janeway got a brief glimpse of his back. Two large lumps below the shoulder blades marred the otherwise sleek, long back of the Rhulani administrator. Almost immediately, Aren gracefully maneuvered himself so that the unsightly protuberances were no longer visible. It was a subtle gesture, but Janeway was used to picking up on subtleties from alien races.

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