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Market-Based Public Policy by Richard C. Hula (eds.)

By Richard C. Hula (eds.)

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Since loss experience may be nil for rare events. experience rating may not always be practical. Methods that combine classification with experience rating for exposures with considerable loss data, like automobile accidents, result in more accurate rate setting (Freifelder, 1985). Even where insurers have freedom to practice merit rating, there is considerable evidence that they fail to utilize their loss data as effectively as possible. Insurers generally rely upon subjective scoring of the insured's attributes and arbitrary methods of aggregating these scores into a single rating that have rarely been validated.

181-212. TARNOFF, S. (1985) 'Asbestos Removal Firm to Form Insurer', Business Insurance, 3 June. VICTOR, R. (1982) 'Workers' Compensation and Workplace Safety Nature of Employer Financial Incentives', R-2979-ICJ, RAND Institute of Civil Justice. VISCUSI, W. K. (1980) Employment Hazards: An Investigation of Market Performance (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press). VISCUSI, W. K. (1984) Regulating Product Safety, Studies in Government Regulation (Washington, DC: American Enterprise Institute).

For example, the risks of fertilized agriculture (Bhopal-type accidents, ecological damage) should be compared to its benefits (reduced chances of famine). Martin T. Katzman 23 Achieving efficient risk management is not problematic when the costs of an accident and its prevention are borne by the same decision maker. In the case of such 'first-party' risks, the decision maker has incentives to achieve an efficient balance between accidents and prevention and between risk and reward. Indeed, the first-party decision maker has adequate incentives to learn about both risks and risk -reduction technologies.

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