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Managing Cyber Threats: Issues, Approaches, and Challenges by Vipin Kumar (Editor), Jaideep Srivastava (Editor),

By Vipin Kumar (Editor), Jaideep Srivastava (Editor), Aleksandar Lazarevic (Editor)

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Several research groups [77, 155, 180, 217] have been actively using security audit trails mainly for host-based intrusion detection systems. The focus of their research has been mainly to define what information the Intrusion Detection: A Survey 39 security audit trail should contain in order to increase the IDS prediction performance as well as to establish an acceptable common format for audit trail records. g. spoofing, TCP hijacking, port scanning, ping of death) that cannot be (at least not easily) detected by examining the host audit trail alone.

Due to these reasons, sophisticated adversaries typically attempt to adjust their scans by reducing the frequency of their transmissions in order to avoid detection. For detecting stealthy scans, there are a few recently proposed more sophisticated technique based on collecting various statistics [62, 102, 147, 191,214,222]. 26 Chapter 2 BSS B jilmillgfjj^ ^piwg)|raj^ j^ppijsSt^ /ll|oi<5i^ Figure 2-3. Typical scanning activity Compromises, These attacks use known vulnerabiHties such as buffer overflows [38] and weak security points for breaking into the system and gaining privileged access to hosts.

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