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Making Special Events Fit in the 21st Century by Robert Jackson

By Robert Jackson

E-book through Jackson, Robert

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5 million to help you work your miracle, but you'll have to get sponsors to toss in another $500,000. 5. to create this theme? Or do you have in mind another religious theme you prefer? If so, use it, but do tell why in your RFP response. Churches, synagogues and other religious organizations in your metro area have entered into a consortium to design and sponsor a city-wide, seven-day event aimed at attracting all age groups, but with several elements having an especially strong appeal to teens and low-age adults.

Programming that will give it a spirited, high-action kick-off and a closing that will leave your constituency begging for more. Remember: your big ending show can be your first sponsor and attendance promotional effort for the coming year. I have given a suggested theme in each of my sixteen RFPs below, but you should feel entirely free to adopt and recommend one of your own for your chosen case. if you want to impress me as the issuer, you might even offer more than one. in any case, explain how you plan to weave that theme into every element of this eventdecorations, entertainment, signage, programming everything.

Proof? Consider the mega-numbers of huge national events that have combined to become a major multi-billion-dollar industry. Convention bureaus barely mask open warfare in vying for those dollars. 7. 8. Promotional EventsThis is a hybrid category, born from the mating of any of the above classifications with a commercial promotion of a product or service. There is a difference between (A) promotional events and (B) sponsored events:(A) is designed specifically and primarily to be a sales vehicle with the other event add-ons to attract more attention, appeal more widely to media, and often a commercial atmosphere; most frequently, a single company will cause the promotional event to be created and implemented, although product or company partners may be brought in when multiple joint marketing is deemed advisable; the sell need is primary, the event need is to serve as an important secondary support;(B) is in one of the first seven categories above, with usually more than one sponsor participating as a means of subsidizing the event while focusing public attention on their product or services; generally, the event itself is the "visible first purpose," the sell aspect usually being the "timid" secondary (but still very important) and more subtle.

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