Legends of the Rhine by H A Guerber

By H A Guerber

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X'A N'TEN. Mimer confessed that 27 he longed to try his skill, but mournfully added that his aged arm no longer possessed strength enough to wield the heavy hammer. " shall At dawn the next day, I will the forge a sword which famed Burgundian therefore, Siegfried began his self- appointed task, and during seven days and nights the anvil At constantly rang under the heavy blows of his hammer. the end of this time he modestly presented himself before his master, bearing in his right hand a glittering sword of the finest steel Mimer examined it critically, and then, to test its edge, a running stream, where he cast a fine thread which the water carried toward the blade.

Step, accompanied by the jingle of the keys she always wore at her girdle, the merry maids immediately stopped their innocent chatter, and when the countess entered the room the shining heads were all diligently bending over the flying wheels, whose hum filled the great hall. But no matter how fast the lady drove her own wheel, it seemed to echo the words w hich kept ringing in her ear: " May the Lord send you as many children as there are 1 trust will in the year. " Day after day, week after week, month month, the prophecy haunted her, and her servants in HAGUE.

Fleeting, and that it No sooner had this warning fallen upon Siegfried's ear, than he mounted Greyfell, and without pausing to take leave of Brunhild, rode out of the castle of Isenstein, and away There he embarked in a waiting vessel which immediately set sail, and bore him off to the Nibelungenland, the land of perpetual darkness and mist. to the sea. XANTEN. 35 was immediately called upon to between two young princes, Niblung and Shiblung, whose father had died leaving an immense This he had found in the course of his journeys, treasure.

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