Le Surréalisme: théories, thèmes, techniques by Gérard Durozoi; Bernard Lecherbonnier

By Gérard Durozoi; Bernard Lecherbonnier

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I*n 0 u v 3 - * * 4 1 C . J + 1 J . O. O. 0. O. P I ef- G F G A pull-off is essentially the opposite of a hammer-on. It too is an essential technique for building speed and technique. If you have listened to the slaplpop technique on recordings, you have undoubtedly heard the pull-off. What is a pulloff? Like the hammer-on, the pull-off is a type of slur in which more than one note can be played from a single pluck or pick stroke. In the hammer-on, the slur acts to raise the pitch of the note.

O. O. d U * U I I - - . U * * . C. 0. o. C. and Fade REVIEW TUNE #1 In the following review tunes, you will review the material learned in Book 2 (major scales, minor scales, key signatures, relative minor keys, staccatollegato, 16th notes, 16th'~in combinations with 8 t h ~dynamic ~ markings, the slaplpop or picklpop, hammer-on and pull-off). All concepts are reviewed and further developed in Book Three. O. O. O. O. 1 9 u 1 I 11 Count: 1 + 1 I 1 I 1 I 2 +&a 1 1 I I 4,+ 1 1 w 1, + 1 I 2 + 1 1 I I m 1 1 I a 4 1 I + a I 1 .

A pop is achieved by pulling a string directly away from the fingerboard and releasing it, resulting in the string snapping against the fingerboard, setting the string in motion. SLAP/POP In this technique, the pop is done with the middle finger of the right hand. There are times when you might also use the index finger for popping. Pull the string straight up and away from the fingerboard and release it. When popping, try again to develop consistency. Pop only as hard as you need to. You will find that the pop will work better on a fretted bass (since the string will strike a metal fret when it snaps against the fingerboard, giving a sharper attack).

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