La verità detta. Testimonianze sul Pasolini politico

Il quarantennale della morte di Pasolini cade in una fase del nostro Paese che in molti definiscono di “catastrofe culturale” (e politica, economica, umanitaria). Ponendosi in relazione con l’oggi, il libro propone una serie di testimonianze inedite sul Pasolini “politico”, spesso in contrasto con los angeles sinistra ufficiale. Il curatore Enzo De Camillis – autore del documentario Un intellettuale in borgata, dai cui materiali questo libro deriva – ripercorre le posizioni pasoliniane attraverso le voci di artisti ed esponenti politici: Otello Angeli, negli anni ’60 dirigente CGIL e segretario della sezione del PCI di Cinecittà; Goffredo Bettini, dirigente, nei ’70, dei Giovani Comunisti di Roma; Gianni Borgna, Stefano Rodotà, Vincenzo Vita; lo storico dell’arte Antonio Del Guercio; i registi ANAC Citto Maselli, Nino Russo, Ugo Gregoretti, Maurizio Ponzi; Renato Parascandolo, ex giornalista RAI; due testimoni dal set di Salò: Pupi Avati, lì sceneggiatore, e lo scenografo Osvaldo Desideri, lì arredatore. Infine i ricordi “monteverdini” di due “ragazzi di vita”, “er Pecetto” e “er Gallinella”, che raccontano il rapporto di Pasolini con los angeles borgata Donna Olimpia, le partite di calcio, i bagni nel Tevere, gli insegnamenti di quell’uomo che «spiegava cose che tu non avresti mai potuto pensare».

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After the infeudation, the commissario resided most of the time in the village, and his absences from his bench were only episodic. 95 Villagers immediately availed themselves of this new functionary’s services. Each commissario would have to find ways to impose his own authority, and particularly over preeminent households most likely to disrupt the peace. He usually solicited the active participation of the priest, the marchese’s revenue collector, and members of the Landucci family to bolster his prestige.

The family helped launch the new chapel of the Madonna del Criano, where they erected an altar to celebrate masses for their ancestors. Their house, the largest dwelling in the village, contained an ample courtyard with a rare olive press. But these assets were vestiges of a glorious past. 60 Florentine conquest of the republic in 1555 and the declining resources of the Landucci house, both limited their freedom of action. ”61 Members of the family sometimes competed against commoners for “ambassadorships” from the community, and they did not always win.

Refeudalization enhanced the authority of powerful lords at the expense of the public good, and to the detriment of poor Italians. In fact, the impact of these new fiefs on the vassals has never been properly studied. Villagers knew exactly how the new situation might be used to their advantage, to give them something they did not enjoy before. The first benefit was justice, and the second was charity, and they were quick on the uptake for both. Having a feudal judge in the village, instead of relying on outlying tribunals, was a big improvement in their lives.

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