King Henry IV, Part II (Webster's Chinese-Traditional by William Shakespeare

By William Shakespeare

This variation is written in English. although, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of King Henry IV, half II. This version will be

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It is entered. HOSTESS. Where 's your yeoman? Is 't a lusty yeoman? will 'a stand to 't? FANG. Sirrah, where 's Snare? HOSTESS. O Lord, ay! good Master Snare. SNARE. Here, here. FANG. Snare, we must arrest Sir John Falstaff. Chinese Simplified arrest: 逮捕, 拘捕, 捕拿. stand: 站住, 主张, 架子, 站立, 耐, 站, 架. yeoman: 自耕农. 29 30 King Henry IV, Part II HOSTESS. % SNARE. It may chance cost some of our lives, for he will stab. HOSTESS. Alas the day! take heed of him; he stabbed me in mine own house, and that most beastly: in good faith, he cares not what mischief he does, if his weapon be out: he will foin like any devil; he will spare neither man, woman, nor child.

PISTOL. These be good humours, indeed! Shall packhorses And hollow pamper'd jades of Asia, Which cannot go but thirty mile a-day, Compare with Caesars, and with Cannibals, And Trojan Greeks? nay, rather damn them with Chinese Simplified aggravate: 加剧, 激怒, 恼火. cakes: 饼饵, 糕. cannot: 不能, 不足, 不得, 不可, 不克, 未可. damn: 咒骂, 哎呀. damned: 该死的. deep: 深, 深深, 深刻, 深厚, 浓厚, 深沉, 奥秘. dogs: 狗. dried: 干燥的. hang: 挂, 悬挂. hither: 到此处. hollow: 凹陷, 中空的, 空心, 空虚. hook: 钩, 钩子. ill: 生病, 不善, 不完全, 麻烦的, 拙劣的. infernal: 地狱, 地狱的. lake: 湖, 湖泊.

Incision: 刀口, 切入. keeping: 保管, 保持. murder: 谋杀, 杀人案件, 杀害. naked: 赤裸裸, 裸体的. pray: 祈祷. quiet: 安静, 寂静, 安定, 安生, 沉静, 宁静的. rapier: 轻剑. rock: 岩石, 簸荡, 摇. shrewd: 敏捷, 敏捷的, 机灵的. stuff: 材料, 填塞, 职员. thee: 你. thrust: 插入, 刺, 刺插. toward: 朝向. tumult: 骚嚷. valiant: 英勇, 英勇的, 勇敢的人, 强悍. villain: 恶棍, 坏人, 恶徒. warrant: 根据, 逮捕令. weapons: 兵器, 兵戈, 兵戎, 军火. William Shakespeare 55 FALSTAFF. Have you turned him out o' doors? BARDOLPH. Yea, sir. % FALSTAFF. A rascal! to brave me! DOLL. Ah, you sweet little rogue, you! Alas, poor ape, how thou sweatest!

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