Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book (4th Edition) by Stephanie McCann, Eric Wise

By Stephanie McCann, Eric Wise

The simplest anatomy overview to be had for students!
Learning anatomy and platforms of the physique is usually a tricky job for college students at any academic point. One powerful strategy scholars usually use to keep complicated details is to perform the kinesthetic studying approach.

Students of all types—medical college scholars, actual therapists, paintings scholars, or even yoga instructors—use anatomical coloring publications to aid complement their education. With the Kaplan clinical Anatomy Coloring booklet, scholars will take advantage of life like illustrations, key note studies, explanatory paragraphs, and the top point of accuracy an anatomical consultant can provide.

The Kaplan clinical Anatomy Coloring publication bargains clinical scholars the chance to benefit by way of coloring exact sketches of structures of the physique and pairing those illustrations with corresponding labeling exercises.

Students may also make the most of:

• Over 450 specific and real looking clinical illustrations, followed by way of labeling keys and exercises
• a transparent and descriptive review of every representation, together with significant positive factors, key issues, coloring guidance, and unique microscopic perspectives of cells and tissues, in addition to fill-in-the-blank research aids
• 15 chapters overlaying the most important physique structures, in addition to physiological details on cells, tissues, muscle tissues, and development
• ninety six perforated, special illustrations of muscle groups to paint in a flashcard layout for easy and powerful learning on-the-go
• Nomina Anatomica labels, the foreign common of anatomical nomenclature

Detailed, dependent, and actual, the physique process illustrations and accompanying textual content during this advisor will end up to be an essential component of any scientific student’s anatomical schooling. With the Kaplan scientific Anatomy Coloring booklet, now in its fourth version, scholars turns into engaged whereas studying and dedicate this anatomical wisdom to their reminiscence for years to come!

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A. _ _ _ Answer Key: a. Temporal lobe, b. Lateral fissure, c. Frontal lobe, d. Precentral gyrus, e. Central sulcus, f. Postcentral gyrus, g. Parietal lobe, h. Occipital lobe, I. Cerebellum KAPLA~. me"dCa I 113 gyrus receives sensory information from the body. On the lateral aspect of the brain is the lateral fissure and inferior to this is the temporal lobe of the brain. Hearing, taste, smell, and the formation of memories all have centers here. The most posterior part of the cerebrum is the occipital lobe, which has visual interpretation areas.

Hinge and glide c) / / -------- 95 Chapter Four Articulations I IlAPLAlf I me dlea 97 HUMEROSCAPULAR AND ACETABULOFEMORAL JOINTS The humeroscapular joint or shoulder joint is a ball-and-socket joint that connects the humerus to the glenoid fossa of the scapula. The joint is deepened by the glenoid labrum which is a fibrocartilage ring. There are numerous ligaments that connect the scapula to the humerus. a. _ c. _ d. Another ball and socket joint is the acetabulofemoral joint. It also has an acetabular labrum and numerous ligaments that joint the femur to the hip.

Trapezium, I. Scaphoid, m. Pisiform j. ~ -rS? m. ~~r . . ·l~' •• 1. _---- h. _-:-- HIP The hip bones are known as the os coxae. Each os coxa is a result of the fusion of three bones, the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis. Label and color in these three fused bones using a different color for each area. The two os coxae, when joined together by the pubic symphysis, form the pelvis and it can be divided into an upper false pelvis and a lower true pelvis separated by the pelvic brim. The anterior superior iliac spine and the anterior inferior iliac spine can be seen from the front.

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