Jane Austen Structure and Social Vision by David Monaghan

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7 However, if account is taken of a number of incidents in whichjane Austen directly compares the social performances of the two sisters, there can be little doubt that Elinor's is superior. Though she does not believe she has any obligation to attend to the needs of fools and villains, Marianne prides herself on her concern for those she loves. Yet it is these loved ones who usually suffer most as a 48 JANE AUSTEN: STRUCTURE AND SOCIAL VISION result of her refusal to contain her feelings or to be polite to people she dislikes.

John Thorpe's behaviour, though, is so objectionable that not even the benevolent Catherine can continue to accept him at his own estimation. The process of disillusionment is begun by his casual attitude towards their dance engagement, and is completed by his performance during a subsequent carriage ride. Whether frightening Catherine with accounts of his horse's high spirits, or of the frailty of James Morland's carriage, probing into the state of Mr Allen's finances, regaling her with his drinking NORTHANGER ABBEY 26 exploits, or generally engaging in 'talk, [which] began and ended with himself and his own concerns' (66),John Thorpe consistently shows himself to be without sensitivity towards the feelings or needs of his companion.

Tilney's wisdom in choosing Catherine as his partner is borne out by her subsequent conversational performance which reveals her to be a cut above the usual run of Bath society: 'Oh! ' 'Not those who bring such fresh feelings of every sort to it, as you do. ' By the time Catherine attends her next and last ball, there is no longer any question about who will ask her to dance and whom she will accept. just as he was 'born offby the resistless pressure of a long string of passing ladies' (76) after unsuccessfully trying to establish a prior claim to Catherine at the cotillion ball, so John Thorpe has been carried beyond her sphere of social possibilities.

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