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Is There Life on Other Planets?: And Other Questions About by Gregory L. Vogt

By Gregory L. Vogt

There isn't any gravity in area. The North celebrity by no means adjustments its place within the sky. Earth's shadow explanations the stages of the moon. you will have heard those universal sayings or ideals prior to. yet are they honestly real? Can they be confirmed utilizing technological know-how? Let's examine seventeen statements approximately house and discover which of them are correct, which of them are flawed, and which of them nonetheless stump scientists! discover no matter if astronauts quite landed at the moon! notice no matter if it is precise that a similar aspect of the Moon is often darkish! See if you happen to can inform the variation among truth and fiction with Is truth?

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Atoms of air bounce against one another. The vibrations are carried from atom to atom until they reach your ears. Then the vibrations strike your eardrums, and you hear the sound. If you shout out on Earth, lots of people can hear you. That’s because there’s air to carry the sound. In outer space, there is hardly any air. So there is nothing to carry sound. That’s why space battles would be silent—except for the bad guys. They would hear their ship being hit because there would be air inside it to carry the sound!

Flag extending straight out from a pole. It looks as if it is waving. S. soldiers stationed in Vietna t firs in 1969 read about the Moon landing in a newspaper. two astronauts, Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The Moon landing doubters said the flag proved the landing never happened. There isn’t any air on the Moon. How could the flag be waving? The answer was simple. The flagpole had a small stick that stuck out at a right angle from the pole. This stick held the flag out so that the stars and stripes could be seen.

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