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It halts; its leader then commands: Right dress. The squads in rear continue to march straight to the front; each, when opposite the right of its place in line, executes right turn at the command of its leader. Bach is halted on the line at the command of its leader, who then commands: Right dress. All dress on the first squad in line. If executed in double time, the leading squad marches in dou ble time until halted. 184. Being in column of squads, to form line of sections to the right (left) : 1.

O 0 ixi i i i II E3 4 PLATOON LEADER •i PLATOON SERGEANT Kl SERGEANTS (PLATOON GUIDES »« B StCT(ONUAB£RS) I^JI CORPOPALS (SECTION cuioes) ca CORPORALS (SQUAD LEADERS) O RUNNERS C3 PRIVATES LINE OF •'ICE CLOSER I 0 i i i i ([ y ( LEGEND I vi t3*"""& - -• IB 3 Line of Sections Distance measured between guides See. front ir— o •• SCHOOL OF THE PLATOON. 49 comes so reduced in numbers as to necessitate a new division into squads. No squad will contain less than six men. For purposes of formation or drill, the runners may be used to fill blank flies.

FIRE. Each command is executed as previously explained. " 4* DRILL. To Fire at Will. 146. I. FIRE AT WILL. Each man, independently of the others, comes to the ready, aims carefully and deliberately at the aiming point or target, fires, foods, and continues the firing until ordered to suspend or cease firing. To fire by clip: CLIP FIRE. Executed in the samejnanner as fire at will, except that each man, after having exhausted the cartridges then in the piece, suspends firing. 147. To increase (decrease) the rate of fire in progress, the instructor shouts: FASTER (SLOWER).

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