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Industrial and Business Space Development: Implementation by C. Marsh, H. Martinos, A. McIntosh, S. Morely

By C. Marsh, H. Martinos, A. McIntosh, S. Morely

An perception into the altering nature of the economic and enterprise area estate marketplace and the way enterprise area improvement schemes may be initiated and applied to revitalise city parts.

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Changes in transport investment and management can have significant effects on property. For instance, a decision to cease routeing fast trains through a town, or conversely stopping fast trains at a station previously used by slow trains, may dramatically affect property values, particularly office rents. Likewise, the opening of a new motorway or bypass can also affect property values, especially the value of industrial buildings. Whilst it is in the art of good property investment to be aware of and respond to these changes, they sometimes have unforeseen adverse effects on the investment performance of property.

11 Rights share issues Over the last year or so property companies such as Rosehaugh/Stanhope Developments involved with the Broadgate Development in the City of London have raised millions of pounds in rights issues. Beazer. Such a method of raising finance is only applicable for the better run property companies and may be particularly relevant for those involved with trading rather than investment strategies. Essentially, existing shareholders are offered the right to extend their shareholding by being given a preferential opportunity to purchase additional shares.

FINANCE FOR PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT 45 Thirdly, there is a need for greater liquidity in the property investment market. It often takes many months to invest or disinvest in the direct property investment market. The concept behind unitization may enable people to purchase or sell units in a particular building on an hour by hour basis. Fourthly, by creating a unitized market, small investors can spread their investment risk across a variety of property investments by acquiring only a small holding in each building.

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