In Praise of Tara: Songs to the Saviouress by Martin Willson

By Martin Willson

The so much dearly enjoyed of the entire Buddhist deities is the comfortable goddess Tara. She acts with lightning pace to help these in misery and to meet their needs. In compliment of Tara is a whole advisor to realizing this Buddhist goddess, together with a background of the Tara Tantra, canonical and perform texts, and lyrical praises.

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Then, in the present eon, on Mount Potala, amid innumerable, measureless Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, devas, niigas, yak~as and others, Aryavalokita taught ten million [slokas of] Tantras of Tara. It is said he worked the weal of the sentient beings of the six classes in this way in the Krtayuga (Age of Perfection). In the Tretayuga, when these [Tantras] had disappeared, six hundred thousand [Slokas] appeared. In the Dvaparayuga, when these too had disappeared, twelve thousand appeared. Then in the Kaliyuga (Age of Conflict) there appeared this collection on Tara, having a thousand Slokas.

Homage to You who do pervade all things with great Compassion! Homage to the supreme salvation of all migrating beings! Homage to You, 0 Tara, who are the Mother of the Conquerors! Let us relate here the stories told of the beginning of the teaching of the Tantra_ of Tara. Of yore, in beginningless time, there appeared in the universe called Manifold Light 1 the Bhagavan Tatlliigata Dundubhi-svara (Drum-Sound). There was a princess called Moon of Wisdom-knowledge 2 who was extremely devoted to his Teaching [5].

24 4 'JeweI Supreme Mother of whatever Tathiigatas dwell in the worlds of the ten directions! All kinds of precious jewels, lamps and garlands We'll offer the Mother, Producer of the Conqu'rors. 5 'Pat:t<:fara-vasini, high Mother of whatever Tathiigatas dwell in the worlds of the ten directions! Pure, sweet-smelling water and rivers of perfume 54 Canonical Texts We'll offer the Mother, Producer of the Conqu'rors. 6 'High Mother with Divine Actions of whatever Tathiigatas dwell in the worlds of the ten directions!

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