Impulse Breakdown of Liquids (Power Systems) by Vasily Y. Ushakov, V. F. Klimkin, S. M. Korobeynikov

By Vasily Y. Ushakov, V. F. Klimkin, S. M. Korobeynikov

The ebook describes the most actual strategies and phenomena in pulsed electrical breakdown. the data and the keep an eye on of the electrical breakdown of beverages is critical not just for the insulation within energy platforms however it is additionally used for the construction and knowledge of excessive voltage and excessive present pulses. Such high-voltage micro- and nanosecond pulses locate broad program in experimental physics, electro discharge expertise, physics of dielectrics, radar detection and varying, high-speed images.

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2 Motion of charge carriers Electrohydrodynamic processes The mobility of charge carriers in strong electric fields is determined by liquid motion. In this case, mobility values of different ions are close to each other since ions have been frozen into the liquid and are transferred by liquid microflows. These considerations and theoretical estimates of the conditions of forming electrohydrodynamic (EHD) flows were presented in [45, 46]. The occurrence of EHD flows is directly related to space charges generated in the liquid.

It is obvious that the wave character of the process will be kept unchanged in strong electric fields when the acoustic approximation is inapplicable and the ε value will decrease in the region of maximum field. We note that the last circumstance must cause the field in this region to increase, thereby leading to further decrease in ε, field amplification, and so on. The increase in the field strength does not lead to the electrostatic catastrophe, and the field remains bounded due to a finite electrode potential.

Moreover, flows are formed on the pulse front, that is, for exposure periods of about 1 μs. From here we conclude that charge carriers are transferred by microflows which are formed for time periods less than 1 μs. The motion of charge carriers was registered with an ultrahigh speed photoregister in the slit scanning regime. The motion of charge carriers emitted near the electrode resulted in a redistribution of the field strength registered with the help of the Kerr effect technique. 3 High-Voltage Electric Conduction of Liquids 23 Fig.

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