Il Tabarro (Opera Journeys Libretto Series) by Burton D. Fisher

By Burton D. Fisher

A NEWLY TRANSLATED LIBRETTO of Puccini's IL TABARRO, English and Italian translation side-by-side, and with song spotlight Examples.

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Openly: 공공연하게, 터놓고, 숨김없이, 공공연히, 솔직하게. retrieve: 회복, 되찾다, 회복하다, 정정하다, 생각해 내다, 구하다, 되찾음, 메우다, 보상하다, 부활시키다, 검색하다. terrible: 무서운, 몹시, 극히 서투른, 호된, 무서운 사람, 대단한. trick: 장난, 버릇, 비결, 속이다, 계교, 요술, 요술부리다, 장난감, 모양내다, 의 기대를 저버리다, 계략. Henrik Ibsen 51 HELMER. It seems most commonly to be the mother's influence, though naturally a bad father's would have the same result. Every lawyer is familiar with the fact. This Krogstad, now, has been persistently poisoning his own children with lies and dissimulation; that is why I say he has lost all moral character.

Internal: 내부의, 본질, 정신적인, 국내의, 내재적인, 체내의, 내정의, 내장, 내면적인, 내국의, 마음의. morally: 도덕적으로, 실제로, 진실로, 도덕상, 도의상, 사실상. opinion: 의견, 평가, 소신, 판단, 감정, 여론, 선악의 판단, 전문가의 의견. overwork: 지나치게 일하다, 과로, 초과근무, 지나치게 일시키다, 과로하다, 과로시키다, 여분의 일, 지나치게 일을 시키다, 지나친 노동. prolong: 연장하다, 늘이다, 모음 따위를 길게 발음하다, 길게 발음하다, 길게 하다. slight: 경멸, 근소한, 약한, 얕보다, 적은, 훌쭉한, 가냘픈, 모자라는, 하찮은, 경시하다, 조금도. weakness: 우둔, 불충분, 결점, 약함, 우유부단, 약점, 저능, 유약, 박약, 마음이 약함, 나약. wretched: 나쁜, 불운한, 지독한, 비참한, 야비한, 아주 불쾌한, 서툰. Henrik Ibsen 29 from a diseased moral character, Mrs.

NORA. If my husband does get to know of it, of course he will at once pay you what is still owing, and we shall have nothing more to do with you. KROGSTAD. [coming a step nearer] Listen to me, Mrs. Helmer. Either you have a very bad memory or you know very little of business. I shall be obliged to remind you of a few details. NORA. What do you mean? KROGSTAD. When your husband was ill, you came to me to borrow two hundred and fifty pounds. Korean blackguard: 악담하다, 악한, 불량배, 불량배처럼 행동하다, 깡패, 야비한, 욕지거리 하다, 욕지거리하다, 입이 건.

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