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Greek Dictionary of the New Testament by James Strong

By James Strong

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Disown, abstain: — deny. e. henceforth (already): — from henceforth. (535) ajpartismo>v, — ap-ar-tis-mos’; from a derivative of (534) (ajpa>rti); completion: — finishing. e. the (Jewish) first-fruit (figurative): — first-fruits. (537) a[pav, — hap’-as; from (1) (a ) (as a particle of union) and (3956) (pa~v); absolutely all or (singular) every one: — all (things), every (one), whole. e. delude: — deceive. (539) ajpa>th, — ap-at’-ay; from (538) (ajpata>w); delusion: — deceit (ful, -fulness), deceivableness (-ving).

E. unemployed; (by implication) lazy, useless: — barren, idle, slow. (693) ajrgu>reov, — ar-goo’-reh-os; from (696) (a]rgurov ); made of silver: — (of) silver. e. e. drachma or shekel): — money, (piece of) silver (piece). e. worker) of silver: — silversmith. (696) a]rgurov, — ar’-goo-ros; from ajrgo>v (shining); silver (the metal, in the articles or coin): — silver. (697) &Areiov Pa>gov, — ar’-i-os pag’-os; from &Arhv (the name of the Greek deity of war) and a derivative of (4078) (ph>gnumi); rock of Ares, a place in Athens: — Areopagus, Mars’ Hill.

E. rigor: — severity. e. peremptorily: — sharply (-ness). e. (reflexive) avoid: — turn away. (666) ajpousi>a , — ap-oo-see’-ah; from the participle of (548) (a]peimi); a being away: — absence. (667) ajpofe>rw, — ap-of-er’-o; from (575) (ajpo>) and (5342) (fe>rw); to bear off (literal or relative): — bring, carry (away). (668) ajpofeu>gw, — ap-of-yoo’-go; from (575) (ajpo>) and (5343) (feu>gw); (figurative) to escape: — escape. e. declare: — say, speak forth, utterance. (670) ajpoforti>zomai, — ap-of-or-tid’-zom-ahee; from (575) (ajpo>) and the middle of (5412) (forti>zw); to unload: — unlade.

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