Grammatical Functions and Verb Subcategorization in Mandarin by Her, One-Soon

By Her, One-Soon

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Thematic relations roughly, are also specified in the lexical entry. To view LFG through this historical and comparative frame is interesting and revealing; it seems that each of the theories discussed here, in their particular emphasis, presents a different reaction to Chomsky's later directions and represents a developmental stage of Chomsky's theory of syntax. However, we by no means imply any accusation of LXC and LFG of reversing progress, for both theories do address the important issue of explanatory adequacy.

In the tree representation of c-structures, we will borrow the Lexicase convention that a straight vertical line indicates that the lower node is the head of its mother node, but this does not mean that we assume the Lexicase position that all c-structure constructions have a lexical head. 4. 3 Unification: from C-structure to F-structure Of course c-structure rules in LFG are different from simple context-free PSR's in that they are augmented with functional annotations; therefore, they assign to a sentence its c-structure with particular specifications to regulate the manner of unification in constructing the f-structure of the sentence.

This principle ensures that the syntactic encoding of grammatical functions applies directly to surface structures without the mediation of any syntactic or functional derivation. The following figure illustrates the mapping from PAS to the surface syntactic structure, given the sentence Li3si4 da3 Zhang1san1 'Lisi hit Zhangsan'. 4 Subcategorization in LFG In the literature of linguistics, it is well-accepted that the term "subcategorization" refers to the syntactic nature of the elements which a lexical item is required to combine with (Pollard and Sag 1987:113).

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