Getting Started with the MSP430 Launchpad by Adrian Fernandez

By Adrian Fernandez

This ebook explores the realm of microcontroller improvement via pleasant classes and steadily difficult tasks, in an effort to have you ever blink LEDs, make track with buzzers & engage with diversified sensors like accelerometers and temperature sensors. This ebook is targeted at the MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad assessment package, that's a whole microcontroller improvement platform that comes with every thing you must begin growing microcontroller-based initiatives. a few of the 25+ initiatives also will leverage exterior parts, comparable to the highly-integrated academic BoosterPack, that's a modular extension to the LaunchPad and contains many elements equivalent to an RGB LED, personality liquid crystal display & potentiometer. This publication presents necessary publications that holiday down circuits via visible diagrams and comprises fully-commented code examples. techniques are damaged down and defined in a simple to persist with language and analogies that can assist you comprehend the foundations in the back of every one project/system. The tasks will motivate you to exploit or even mix the elemental options to boost your principles in growing new microcontroller recommendations. insurance contains: •Digital Input/Output: buttons, LEDs, turning something right into a button •Analog Input/Output: sensors, temperature, accelerometer, potentiometer, and so forth. •Programming basics: conditional branches & loops, move, common sense, quantity structures •Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM): sq. wave, buzzer, analog sign simulation •Serial conversation: UART, SPI & I2C •Code improvement utilizing Energia, a unfastened, open-source code editor and compiler •Debugging via serial communique with a working laptop or computer •Interfacing with exterior elements comparable to LEDs, buzzers, potentiometers, sensors & extra. With assistance from this publication, you'll be challenged to consider constructing your personal specified microcontroller-based software, and you'll be outfitted to begin fixing numerous difficulties, including intelligence to current items, or maybe constructing your personal leading edge creations with a LaunchPad improvement equipment. content material bankruptcy 1 - organize for Liftoff! bankruptcy 2 - Meet the LaunchPad bankruptcy three - The Fellowship of the LaunchPad bankruptcy four - Meet Energia—a software program improvement setting bankruptcy five - Day within the lifetime of a Microcontroller bankruptcy 6 - imagine Digitally bankruptcy 7 - the bits and bobs of electronic I/O bankruptcy eight - Analog: The endless colors of grey bankruptcy nine - 1s and 0s Revisited: The electronic move bankruptcy 10 - The Languages of LaunchPad bankruptcy eleven - LaunchPad is simply the start

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Try to configure the RED_LED as an output and turn it on using hexadecimal with our P1DIR and P1OUT registers 3. Try to use make the LED blink by leveraging the code we used in a previous project while using P1DIR and P1OUT registers. 6 DIVING DEEP TO THE REGISTER LEVEL So why did we just learn how to blink LEDs the hard way? While we won’t be twiddling bits and bytes at the register level for the rest of the book, it’s a good exercise to understand what is happening behind the easy-to-use function calls that Energia provides us.

Digital usually refers to discrete, noncontinuous information. We’ve touched on a few examples already—true or false, yes or no, high or low, and one or zero. These datasets are discrete, in that it’s either one or the other. This type of data is what we call digital. The brain of our LaunchPad can only process digital data and handle this digital information within a series of bits. For our MSP430 LaunchPad, the brain is a 16-bit processor. This means that most of its operations, datasets, and instructions are done 16-bits at a time.

3 WHAT’S WITH THE MATH CLASS? OK—sorry, you’re right! Let’s get back to blinking some LEDs! However, the binary system is extremely important for understanding how microcontrollers handle digital data, so I’m glad you took the time to read through it! Now that we know that our LaunchPad brain can really only handle 1s and 0s, it’s pretty amazing what we can do with just those two numbers. For example, with either a 0 or a 1 connected to the right bit, we can turn an LED off or on. •••Tip Use Windows calculator in programmer’s mode for binary and hex conversions.

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