Generals Of The Yang Family Four Early Plays by W L Idema; Stephen H West

By W L Idema; Stephen H West

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34· In many parts of China, ·sending of the Plaguew was a spectacular finale of annual rituals to exorcise evil and disease from the local community. Opens a Proclamation 17 We'll lead our officers, troops, and horses on a Black Way day Because this illiterate Grand Marshal is evil at heartHe wants to cut down father and sons to the very root and sprouts! speaks: - My children, snce he holds military authority, we will have to obey his commands. - [ MALE LEAD] sings: GREAT LORD We will have to rely on our bold heroismA day will come we'll achieve our sky~high ambition!

IRA. is raised two spaces above the rest ofthe text out ofrespect. We are using boldface type to indicate this. rg. " zo. The character of Pan Renmei is based on that of Pan Mei (g:~s·991), a general in the early years of the Song who played a major role in the campaigns against competing regimes. Following his mistakes in the g86 campaign against the Khitan, during which Yang Ye died, his rank was reduced, but he soon regained his former position. See Introduction, 6-7. 1. North ofTaiyuan, near modem Xinxian, Shanxi.

I struggled up on my feet and was covered in blood. I had a hole in my head but no headache. I was just on the other side 6. Near modern Beijing. 7· The emperor. 8. Yang Four was taken captive by the Khitan, but hid his identity, claiming his name was Mu Yi *~· He so impressed the Empress Dowager of the Liao that she married him to one of her daughters. lm in the line pit1ao younao xi yAoshen Ei:~nlillltlll~ and thinks they must be a mistake. Our translation is tentative. Bl~, which means a panderer, and you and nao can mean "glibn and "querulous," 10.

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