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GDW0520 - Last Sub II Mediterranean Cruise (Twilight) by Loren K. Wiseman

By Loren K. Wiseman

"The tale facilities round the related characters who lately recaptured SSN 705 urban of Corpus Christi within the earlier module, The final Submarine. The characters take the Corpus Christi on a undertaking of maximum value around the Mediterranean, during the Dardanelles to Romania, preventing alongside how you can practice a couple of additional chores for Milgov.

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Weapons units may be formed for artillery pieces or for crewserved weapons such as mortars and machineguns. Each weapon and associated crew (which may be as small as one person) is considered a unit. Weapons mounted on a vehicle are not considered separate units. Those mounted on boats, however, are considered separate units. Referee's Note: It is highly recommended that referees encourage the formation of units which have members of equivalent experience. That is, units should be all Veteran, Experienced, and so on, wherever possible.

If the hit did more damage than the armor value, roll on the vehicle damage table. Add 1 to the die roll for every 5 additional damage points put onto the vehicle beyond that absorbed by the armor. Vehicle damage results are as follows: Crew: One crewmember is killed. 2 Crew: Two crewmembers are killed. Armament: One weapon, determined at random by the referee, is eliminated. In addition, the crew for that weapon is killed. Mobility: A mobility hit forces the vehicle to stop.

Caught between a major Warsaw Pact offensive in the north and the Greek offensive in the south, the Turkish position was soon rendered untenable, and NATO was forced to send help in the form of a convoy. Greek naval forces sank the convoy off Izmir. NATO responded with air strikes against Greek naval bases, and Greece declared war on the NATO countries on 1 July 1997. By September, Greek and Albanian troops had launched an offensive into Jugoslavia, forcing the withdrawal of the Jugoslavian expeditionary force from Romania.

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