Food: A Dictionary of Literal and Nonliteral Terms by Robert Palmatier

By Robert Palmatier

Each of the greater than seven-hundred entries within the dictionary incorporates a description of the old historical past of every of the 2 forms of language, literal and nonliteral, and gives a proof for the connection among them. anywhere attainable, dates of first list in English are supplied, besides the bibliographical assets of those dates; and the entire works that checklist these phrases and expressions are given in coded shape as indexed within the Key to Works Cited.

A consultant to analyzing the Entries illustrates the common type of an access through reading an instance from the dictionary that introduces 5 nonliteral expressions, cites 13 bibliographical resources, and refers the reader to 3 different suitable entries via cross-references. Following the dictionary right is a category of phrases in keeping with resource, during which approximately 300 nonliteral phrases and expressions are indexed below the greater than 400 literal different types from which they derive.

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Furthermore, the term 22 BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD berry is used for true vegetable products such as coffee beans, and for shellfish products such as lobster eggs. The expression brown as a berry (EWPO: 1386) derives from Chaucer’s Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, which describes the Monk’s horse as being as broun as eny berye. Since berries are seldom brown (unless they are starting to spoil), and since the brown coffee bean had not yet been introduced into England by 1386, Chaucer either was referring to brown cedar-tree berries or making a sarcastic remark about the monk’s steed.

If vanilla ice cream is substituted for chocolate, the soda is called a black-and-white, and the float is called a brown cow or a Boston cooler. Black cow was also a lunch-counter term for just plain root beer in the 1930s, and for chocolate milk ca. 1920. DAFD; HDAS; IHAT; SA. BLACK-EYED PEA BLACK JELLY BEAN See Pea Bean. See Jelly Bean. BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES See Slow as Molasses in January. BLANCH (v) to blanch. To turn pale. NSOED: mid-18th cent. Source: BLANCH. MWCD: 15th cent. When a person blanches from fear, he/she experiences loss of blood in the capillaries of the face.

The word geek, however, has now come to mean an adolescent male who is so engrossed in computers, mathematics, or other sciences that he is regarded as “weird” or simply antisocial. BDPF; DAS; DEI; HND; MS. Compare Toadeater; Toady. BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU to bite the hand that feeds you. To turn on your benefactor. DC: 1711 (Joseph Addison’s The Spectator). Source: BITE; FEED. E. The dog may be “man’s (sic) best friend,” but that friendship can turn to enmity if the owner teases the dog mercilously, harasses it endlessly, abuses it physically, or even wakens it suddenly out of a sound sleep.

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