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Flat and Curved Space-Times, Second Edition by George F. R. Ellis, R. M. Williams

By George F. R. Ellis, R. M. Williams

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The biohazard seal wasn’t active, so again she told herself that she was not breaking any crucial protocols. Beside it, the seal for the door to Isolation Room 1 was active. That room contained the apparatus for identifying changelings. Only Captain Raymer, Dr. T’pek, and the Destiny’s chief of security had access to Isolation Room 1, and then, only when two of the three of them were present at the same time. Ezri herself had been randomly screened four times in the past month. She had heard that some command staff were checked every day.

If there was a cell in her body that Starfleet didn’t have a blueprint for, then it had to be one she had grown in the last five days. ” With long and delicate fingers, T’pek held out the padd so Ezri could read it. ” Ezri nodded agreement. ” Ezri’s eyes widened. She knew Starfleet was thorough, but surely it wasn’t going to go back to her twelfth birthday to find flaws in her record. “It’s not really a law, ma’am. More like ... ” “That’s right, Doctor,” Brinner said quickly, and Ezri was glad of his support.

We’re back to that? ” After that first night they had spent together, close in each other’s arms, Ezri had told Brinner how her younger brother had first called her Zee, when he was learning to speak and “Ezri” had been too much of a challenge. Ever since then, it had remained her brother’s special name for her, and had become the special name she shared only rarely, and only with those, like Brinner, whom she had welcomed into her heart. So for Brinner now to call her “Ezri” was a repudiation of what they had shared, of what she had believed they had come to mean to each other.

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