First You Build a Cloud: And Other Reflections on Physics as by K. C. Cole

By K. C. Cole

For plenty of folks, physics, like math, has continually been something of puzzle and complexity. In First You construct a Cloud, ok. C. Cole presents cogent reasons via lively prose, metaphors, and anecdotes, permitting us to realize the nuances of physics-gravity and lightweight, colour and form, quarks and quasars, debris and stars, strength and energy. We additionally come to work out how the actual global is so deeply intertwined with the ways that we expect approximately tradition, poetry, and philosophy. Cole, one in all our preeminent technology writers, serves as a consultant into the area of such mythical medical minds as Richard Feynman, Victor Weisskopf, brothers Frank Oppenheimer and J. Robert Oppenheimer, Philip Morrison, Vera Kistiakowsky, and Stephen Jay Gould.

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At sufficiently large distances from the neutral plane y D 0, the motion is a sum of electric and gradient drifts (see Part I, Sect. 5). The electric drift makes a particle move to the neutral plane from both sides of this plane. So the electric drift creates some confinement of a particle near the neutral plane. 16) where 10 1 Magnetic Reconnection Δ B B + p y B Δ E B E B + p x z B E B B Δ Δ B B Fig. 7 The drift motions of a positively charged particle (an ion) near the neutral plane y D 0 in a reconnecting current layer.

Y 2 D y2 x2 C D 1: 2 2 x. / y. 95) Here functions x . / and y . / introduced above have the simple meaning of semiaxes of this deforming ellipse. As follows from the obtained solution, the semi-axis whose direction corresponds to a smaller initial velocity vanishes at the instant 0 . At the same time, the second semi-axis remains different from zero and bounded. Thus any initial circle is transformed at the instant 0 into a segment of the x axis with the ends x D ˙ x . 0 / as shown in Fig. 4.

Fast collisionless reconnection seems to be often observed in a hightemperature, rarefied astrophysical plasma in the presence of a strong magnetic field, for example, in solar flares. At a first sight, to describe the collisionless reconnection process, one may try to use an ordinary resistive MHD with a generalized Ohm’s law (see Part I, Chap. 107) Here ef is an anomalous conductivity originated from the wave-particle interaction or the stochasticity of the particle orbits. 44 2 Reconnection in a Strong Magnetic Field a y E0 B jz b Bz y x jH B x X Fig.

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