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Fighting Isis by Tim Locks

By Tim Locks

In February 2015, civilian Tim Locks headed to Kurdistan to struggle Daesh (also referred to as ISIS). He was resolute to make a distinction and having labored as a jail officer and a bouncer he knew tips to deal with himself. He offered his apartment to elevate funds, positioned himself via hands education and sourced his gear on eBay.

In combating ISIS he unearths what warfare is like Kurdish variety. He additionally introduces us to the British and American ex-soldiers he fought along - all characters of their personal correct, from difficult Scot JP to ex-marine Tex. he's taking us into the black industry as he buys his guns and directly to front line, with the enemy at the horizon and the mortars thudding down.

As his staff is helping transparent Daesh from occupied villages they arrive less than hearth (sometimes from their very own side), watch bemused as a busload of schoolkids happen on an afternoon journey to the warzone, and find a do-it-yourself Daesh drone - a digital camera dangling on the finish of a Dora the Explorer balloon. while cultures conflict and the bullets commence flying, Tim stocks his adventures with honesty and black humour.

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You go home,’ he dictated to us. ’ Rob began to lose the tiny shred of cool that he had been holding on to, and the expletives started coming out thick and fast. ’ he raged. The sergeant ignored him and, waving at us to follow, marched off. I couldn’t believe it. We had got this far, surely it wasn’t all going to be ruined now? I wracked my brains desperately for anything I could say to convince this man that we really were who we said we were. What could I do to make things all right and show we were on his side?

Daesh were proving to be very adept at PR-ing themselves on a global scale. It wasn’t just about the name, but their online presence as well. They were able to get their message out through all sorts of websites and online videos, and their recruitment had gone into overdrive through social media. It wasn’t just young Muslim men disillusioned with life who were encouraged to flee abroad to fight for them: stories had begun emerging about young non-Muslim females becoming infatuated with the ideals, and fighters they hadn’t even met, and running off to Syria to become Daesh brides.

There was a kitchen behind with a shower room attached, and it was pointed out to me that there were no real rules on electrics out there, so the washing-machine socket was almost in the shower and you had to be careful! It was a disgusting, dirty tiled room, like something out of the movie Saw, and every bit of my cleanliness-obsessed self was shuddering, and already planning any changes I could make to improve it. Not that we would be here for long, I hoped – the sooner we could get to the front line and get involved, the better.

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