Feedback Control of MEMS to Atoms by Jason J. Gorman, Benjamin Shapiro

By Jason J. Gorman, Benjamin Shapiro

Control from MEMS to Atoms illustrates using regulate and keep an eye on structures as a vital a part of functioning built-in structures. The e-book is prepared in response to the dimensional scale of the matter, beginning with micro-scale platforms and finishing with atomic-scale structures. just like macro-scale machines and tactics, regulate structures can play an enormous position in enhancing the functionality of micro- and nano-scale structures and in permitting new services that may in a different way no longer be attainable. notwithstanding, the vast majority of difficulties at those scales current many new demanding situations that transcend the present state of the art on top of things engineering. this can be a results of the multidisciplinary nature of micro/nanotechnology, which calls for the merging of regulate engineering with physics, biology and chemistry.

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