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Evidence That the Cosmic Rays Originate in Interstellar by Millikan R. A., Cameron G. H.

By Millikan R. A., Cameron G. H.

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The SRBN discharges a high frequency burst prior to onset of a \accade of optimal amplitude and direction. Fat movements of optimal amplitude but different directions and of variable amplitudes but in the optimal direction. the SRBN activity is later and aeaker. (B) The motor map for saccadic eye movement?. ah constructed by Robinson ( 1971) is \houn 1n the \chcmatic. ith small, optimal amplitudes reside in the roatral portion of the SC wherea cell< dischargin g viforou\l! for large amplitude\ xc found in the caudal region.

These neurons display extremely low rates of spontaneous activity and generate a vigorous burst of activity shortly before the onset of ipsilateral saccades. A series of horizontal saccades of different amplitudes and instantaneous frequency records of the associated bursts of activity are illustrated in panel A. , 198X). Also (not illustrated). the peak tiring rates of SLBNs is highly correlated with peak saccadic velocity (Keller, 1974; Van Gisbergen ct al.. 198 I). , 1986). From a measurement point of view, the number of spikes in the burst of a SLBN meets the criteria for an interval scale of measurement of the change in horizontal eye position.

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