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Event-Symmetric Space-Time by Gibbs P.

By Gibbs P.

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A further clue may be that the algebra of fermionic creation and annihilation operators generate a supersymmetry which includes the permutation of identical particles. This opens the door to a unification of particle permutation symmetry and gauge symmetry. Event symmetry Even now we can make some guesses. The universal symmetry must be fundamental to the laws of physics. When the right symmetry is known the laws of physics might be fully determined by the constraints imposed by invariance under the action of the symmetry.

He hoped that the similarities between the gravitational and electromagnetic forces would herald a unification of the two. It was many years before the full power of his ideas was appreciated. There is an analogy of gauge symmetry in the world of finance. Consider the money which circulates in an economy. If one day the government wants to announce a currency devaluation, it has to be implemented in such a way that nobody loses out. Every price can be adjusted to be one tenth of its previous value, but everybody's wage must be changed in the same way, as must their savings.

As you walked over the surface you could look down at the ground and would see that it is made of atoms scaled up to the size of marbles 1 or 2 centimetres across. Each atom would be a hazy cloud of electrons around the tiny nucleus which appears as just a point in the centre. Now scale one of those atoms again by the same factor. It would now be about the size of Pluto. The nucleus will have expanded to a huge jumble of nucleons, each the size of a house but appearing as a fuzz of quarks. If you could now stop one of the electrons or quarks in the atom and look at it closely with the naked eye, you would be seeing it on the scale which today's biggest accelerators have probed, so we know that it would still look like a point.

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