Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic (Leiden by Ranko Matasovi

By Ranko Matasovi

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Bairenn [a f1 W: MW brennig [Collective]; brennigen [Singulative] 'barnacle, limpet' BRET: MBret. brennik, MoBret. brennig [Collective] CO: Co. ) COGN: OCS gora 'mountain', Lith. giria 'wood', Alb. gur 'rock'. ETYM: It is assumed here that MIr. preserves the original formation, while the Brittonic forms represent derivatives with a velar suffix. English barnacle is ultimately derived from Brittonic *baranako-, cf. also GalloLatin *bernacca (Port. bernaca, Fr. dial. barnache), *bernicca (Sp. ).

Aru [n f] 'kidney, gland' W: MWarenn [f] 'kidney, testicle, stone' (GPC aren); eirin [p] PIE: *h2eh2r- 'kidney' COGN: Hitt. hahri-, ? Lat. renes [Nom p], ToA iiriiic 'heart' ETYM: MW arenn seems to be from *aren-, so we may reconstruct an ablauting paradigm in PCelt. (perhaps Nom. sg. *arti / Gen. sg. *aron-os, or *aren-os). If Lat. renes belongs here, it could represent the zero-grade *h2h2r-en-. Alternatively, we could reconstruct the PIE root as *h2ren-, and assume reduplication in Celtic (*h2e-h2ren- > Olr.

Ago, Ann. acem ETYM: In Brit. this verb has a suppletive VN, MW mynet, MBret. monet, MCo. mones < *monetu-, cf. PCelt. *mon-I- 'go'. Gaul. axat (Marcellus of Bordeaux) may be 3 sg. Pres. Subj. of the same verb (Delamarre 63), so it would mean 'he should bring'. REF: LIV 255f, KPV 189-191, LEIA A-22, DGVB 50, GPC I: 40, Delamarre 63, Meid 1996: 45. *agos- 'cow' [Noun] GOlD: OIr. ag [s n > f] 'cow' W: MW aelaw [m] 'riches, wealth' PIE: *hzegHo- 'cow' (IEW: 7) COGN: Skt. ahi-, Ann. ezn ETYM: The MW word represents a derivative, *ag-ilo-, or *ages-ilo-.

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