Essentials of ABO–Rh Grouping and Compatibility Testing. by W. John Lockyer

By W. John Lockyer

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32 ESSENTIALS OF ABO-Rh G R O U P I N G Selection and Preparation of Rh anti-D grouping Reagent The preparation of Rh anti-D grouping reagent is a little more complex than that of anti-A, anti-B and anti-A-hB. As earlier described, such A B O grouping sera usually come from non-immunized blood donors. This is in contrast to the Rh antisera which are taken mainly from Rhnegative women who have been stimulated to make anti-D as a result of having had an Rh-incompatible D-positive pregnancy. Often the antibodies produced in this way are multi- as opposed to monospecific a contain other contaminating antibodies, such as anti-C, and will often E, G or W r , etc.

6. T o prepare standard antisera for blood grouping tests. 7. Provision of an antenatal grouping service. 8. Preparation and issue of certain blood products such as platelets, antihaemophilic globulin, fresh frozen plasma, buffy coats, etc. 9. To organize courses of instruction to medical, scientific, nursing and technical staff. 10. Research and development. The four Central Laboratories consist of a Blood G r o u p Reference Laboratory and three Plasma Fractionation Laboratories (one in Scotland and two in England).

The second form of D variant came to light when anti-D was found in the plasma of a R h - D positive person. This anti-D did not react with the person's own D-positive red cells, which suggested that these cells lacked some normal part of the D antigen. To date many further examples of anti-D in R h - D positive people have been reported and from the work carried out by such scientists as Unger, Wiener, Tippett and Sanger, it appears that the normal D antigen is a mosaic of at least six subdivisions and that anti-D sera vary in their specificity for covering all of these divisions.

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