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In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some common terms associated with tty and FAX equipment. We will then look at some basic systems. MODES OF OPERATION There are two basic modes of teletypewriter operation: asynchronous (start-stop) and synchronous. The asynchronous mode is the most common. The synchronous mode is used primarily in high-speed data systems. Crypto and Plain Subsystems The various crypto and plain subsystems are located in the main communications spaces. Cryptographic devices and other “red” equipment are located in a secure area within these spaces.

Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange Subsystem (OTCIXS). T h i s subsystem continues to provide inter-and intrabattle group communications and is now also designated as the return path for ship-to-shore OTH-T communications. Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) Subsystem. This subsystem was designed to multiplex several subsystems, or users, on one satellite channel, allowing more satellite circuits to use a single uhf satellite channel. The Navy SATCOM system consists of information exchange subsystems that use the satellites as (1) relays for communications and control, and (2) quality monitoring subsystems that provide data required to manage satellite resources.

The BLACK designation applies to all conductors and equipment involved in handling or processing unclassified plain language and encrypted information in electrical form. It also applies to all facilities and circuits that are not designated RED. BLACK CRITERIA PORTABLE AND PACK RADIO EQUIPMENT Primary Red Because portable and pack radio sets must be lightweight, compact, and self-contained, they are usually battery- or generator-powered, have low output power, and are either transceivers or transmitter-receivers.

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