Einstein and the Quantum: The Quest of the Valiant Swabian by A. Douglas Stone

By A. Douglas Stone

"Einstein and the Quantum" unearths for the 1st time the entire importance of Albert Einstein's contributions to quantum thought. Einstein famously rejected quantum mechanics, gazing that God doesn't play cube. yet, in truth, he suggestion extra concerning the nature of atoms, molecules, and the emission and absorption of light--the middle of what we now comprehend as quantum theory--than he did approximately relativity.

A compelling combination of physics, biography, and the historical past of technological know-how, "Einstein and the Quantum" stocks the untold tale of ways Einstein--not Max Planck or Niels Bohr--was the motive force in the back of early quantum concept. It paints a shiny portrait of the long-lasting physicist as he grappled with the it seems that contradictory nature of the atomic international, during which its invisible elements defy the types of classical physics, behaving concurrently as either particle and wave. And it demonstrates how Einstein's later paintings at the emission and absorption of sunshine, and on atomic gases, led on to Erwin Schrodinger's leap forward to the trendy type of quantum mechanics. The ebook sheds mild on why Einstein eventually renounced his personal tremendous paintings on quantum thought, as a result of his deep trust in technological know-how as whatever goal and eternal.

A publication not like the other, "Einstein and the Quantum" deals a totally new standpoint at the clinical achievements of the best mind of the 20 th century, displaying how Einstein's contributions to the advance of quantum concept are extra major, maybe, than even his mythical paintings on relativity.

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