Urban Planning Development

Eco-Urban Design by John A. Flannery

By John A. Flannery

Экология и современная архитектура. Книга рассказывает о современных подходах к решению этой насущной проблемы. как вписать зеленые насаждения в дизайн зданий. Как сделать так, чтобы архитектура соотносилась с гармонией природы, чтобы человек ощущал в помещениях комфортно и естественно. Множество красочных фотографий, иллюстрирующих современные решения зодчих. Книга для любителей архитектуры и специалистов.

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Fig. 6). --I . . ,... 61F) .... Bo 42 G,... Ch Schools I Phoenix I USA I F'-, 1 ebcml I F'-, 2 opp_lte J. A. Flannery, K. M. V. 2011 Fig. ---=" =" == " ,_ ............. , -... , " = " = " ~~~ ' ~~M7=~ , ,,-,,,,~ " ,,~- ,, -~ ,,~- 44 \\ Green Dot E. 27th StnIet Chartar HlJlh Schools I Phoenix I USA I FIg. 4 above Fig. 5 below \ \ . ::::. " ~~________) --"-,,. AN ~ r<-C""'"""""'1. ",, <>ob>- Green Dot E. 27th Street C2'1arter HIlh Schools I Phoenix I USA I Fig. 8 above 45 The requirement to create distinctive, formal identities for the two schools was achieved through emphasising the established differences between the two buildings, particularly the contrast between the masonry and concrete facades.

The guiding policy shaping principle Is the continued absence of industrialisation. The local economy comprises mainly of service, retail and recreational activity. The District reported in 2005 that commercial property comprises only 4% of total property values, with the remaining 96% being residential. The sloping site of the Gleneagles Community Centre Is a microcosm of West Vancouver's topography. The cross-sectlonal slope is used to vertically stack the space on three levels, minimising the footprint of the building.

13 above left I FIg. 14 above right Fig. 16 below Graen Dot E. , Schools I Phoenix I USA I FIJI. 16 above left I FIJI. 17 above right 49 The Philadelphia Police Department Forensic Science Center Is located in a formerly derelict and abandoned school building (Fig. 1). The art deco style facade was constructed in 1929 from a concrete frame Infilled wtth brickwork facades and industrial style fenestration (FIgS. 5, 6, 7). The challenges facing the design team were numerous. The City of Philadelphia and its project partners demanded that the Forensic Science Center shoukt provide a model for sustainable design and construction within the city.

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