Easier English Student Dictionary: Over 35,000 Terms Clearly by P. H. Collin, Kathy Rooney

By P. H. Collin, Kathy Rooney

This variation bargains over 32,000 phrases utilized in overseas English. the choice is predicated at the frequency with which phrases take place in daily language and analyses of the certificates in complex English (CAE) examination syllabuses. contains phonetic pronunciation, collocations, instance sentences and knowledge on social and cultural existence. 'The top on my desk...so practical.' - El Sharma

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She argued with the waiter about the bill. ć I could hear them arguing in the next room. ) ① argument / ɑ jυmənt/ noun a quarrel ć Nobody would back her up in her argument with the boss. ć The argument took place in the restaurant. ˽ to get into an argument with someone to start to argue with someone ć He got into an argument with the customs officials. argumentative / ɑ jυ mentətv/ adj liking to argue. Synonym quarrelsome. Antonym peaceable aria / ɑ riə/ noun a song for a singer in an opera arid / rd/ adj extremely dry; where there is very little rain Aries / eəri z/ noun one of the signs of the Zodiac, shaped like a ram, covering the period 21st March to 19th April ② arise /ə raz/ verb 1.

She was arrested for stealing, but the judge let her off with a fine. ① arrival /ə rav(ə)l/ noun 1. the act of reaching a place ć We announce the arrival of flight AB 987 from Tangiers. 25 express from Edinburgh. m. ˽ on arrival when you arrive ć On arrival at the hotel, members of the party will be allocated rooms. 2. a person who has arrived ć He’s a new arrival on our staff. 3. the 34 art gallery birth of a baby ć The arrival of their daughter was announced in the newspapers. arrivals /ə rav(ə)lz/ noun the part of an airport that deals with passengers who are arriving.

The London area the part of England around London ć Houses in the London area are more expensive than elsewhere in the country. 32 arm area code / eəriə kəυd/ noun a special telephone number which is given to a particular area arena /ə ri nə/ noun 1. a building with seats for people to sit and watch events like sports or fights 2. a field of activity where something happens ① aren’t /ɑ nt/ ı be argon / ɑ ɒn/ noun an inert gas which is found in small quantities in air, and which is used in electric light bulbs arguable / ɑ juəb(ə)l/ adj possibly not true.

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