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Dictionary of Nursing 2nd Edition (Medical Dictionary) by A&C Black

By A&C Black

This totally up-to-date version deals over 11,000 entries, each one offering transparent, updated insurance of expert nursing phrases together with ailments, signs, anatomy, tools, universal medications and organic phrases. It covers either daily vocabulary with regards to sufferer care and phrases from clinical specialisations akin to psychiatry.It offers the person with an entire advisor to the vocabulary prone to be encountered via nurses (and different wellbeing and fitness care pros) of their daily paintings.

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The bottom part ć the base of the spine 2. the main ingredient of an ointment, as opposed to the active ingredient 3. a substance which reacts with an acid to form a salt í verb to use something as a base Basedow’s disease / b zidəυz di zi z/ noun a form of hyperthyroidism [Described [Described 1882. ] Barlow’s sign / bɑ ləυz sain/ noun a test for lium basilar / b zilə/ adjective referring to a base basilic vein /bə zilik vein/ noun a large vein running along the inside of the arm basophil / beisəfil/ noun a type of white blood cell which has granules in its cytoplasm and contains histamine and heparin basophilia / beisə filiə/ noun an increase in the number of basophils in the blood basophilic granulocyte / beisəfilik r njυləsait/ noun same as basophil Batten’s disease / b t(ə)nz di zi z/ noun a hereditary disease which affects the enzymes of the brain, causing cells in the brain and eye to die battered baby syndrome / b təd beibi sindrəυm/, battered child syndrome / b təd tʃaild sindrəυm/ noun a condition in which a baby or small child is frequently beaten, usually by one or both of its parents, sustaining injuries such as multiple fractures battledore placenta / b t(ə)ldɔ plə sentə/ noun a placenta where the umbilical cord is attached at the edge and not at the centre Bazin’s disease / beizinz di zi z/ noun same as erythema induratum [Described 1861.

Full form bi-level BiPAP positive airway pressure biparietal / baipə raiət(ə)l/ adjective referring biparietal | to the two parietal bones biparous / bipərəs/ adjective producing twins bipennate /bai peneit/ adjective referring to a muscle with fibres which rise from either side of the tendon bipolar /bai pəυlə/ adjective with two poles. See illustration at NEURONE in Supplement bipolar disorder / baipəυlə dis ɔ də/ noun a psychological condition in which someone moves between mania and depression and experiences delusion.

An opinion or general feeling about something ć a positive attitude towards the operation 2. a way of standing or sitting attributable risk /ə tribjυtəb(ə)l risk/ noun a measure of the excess risk of disease due to exposure to a particular risk. The excess risk of bacteriuria in oral contraceptive users attributable to the use of oral contraceptives is 1,566 per 100,000. Abbreviation AR atypical /ei tipik(ə)l/ adjective not usual or expected ć an atypical renal cyst audio- /ɔ diəυ/ prefix referring to hearing or sound audiogram / ɔ diə r m/ noun a graph drawn by an audiometer audiologist / ɔ di ɒləd ist/ noun a specialist who deals in the treatment of hearing disorders audiology / ɔ di ɒləd i/ noun the scientific study of hearing, especially for diagnosing and treating hearing loss audiometer / ɔ di ɒmitə/ noun an apparatus for testing hearing, especially for testing the range of sounds that the human ear can detect audiometry / ɔ di ɒmətri/ noun the science of testing hearing attributable risk | atypical | audio- audiogram audiologist | audiology | audiometer | audiometry | [Described 1862.

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