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Devil in the Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 11) by Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

By Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

The Hortas of Janus VI are the best miners within the galaxy, able to burning via reliable rock the best way humanoids go through air. Recruited to aid rebuild Bajor's devastated mining undefined, the Hortas may supply new desire for the planet's suffering economic climate. but if Cardassian raiders abduct the mum Horta, Commander Sisko unearths himself caught with twenty Horta eggs -- after which the eggs start to hatch... whereas significant Kira leads a determined rescue challenge deep into Cardassian house, Commander Sisko faces a ravaging mass of infant Hortas -- uncontrollable, indestructible, and wanting to eat Deep area 9™ itself!

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Hortas are basically ageless, indestructible, and have no natural predators. " The young doctor leaned toward Dax, caught up by the joys of science, or hormones, or some combination thereof. "Think of it! To be the adopted mother to an entire new generation of beings. " "Well," Kira interrupted him, hoping to forestall another dissertation. " And soon, she prayed. Exhausted already by Bashir's unending chatter, she found herself seriously contemplating the Cardassian-built bench, unpadded metal slats and all.

Kira," he said, "Bashir and Dax are with your team. " He looked them over. "Be careful, all of you. " The office doors slid shut behind Dax and Bashir as they exited. Not surprisingly, Kira lingered behind. Okay, Sisko thought, slowly stepping out from behind his desk, let's get this over with. " he asked flatly, his voice giving nothing away. " Kira asked. "Go ahead," he replied, surprised and impressed that she had actually requested permission. "The security team you assigned, they're all Starfleet.

Better make that an empty suite on the habitat ring. Dax stepped forward, a data padd in her right hand. "The eggs were protected by a contained stasis field, Benjamin. " Kira said. " Placing her palms firmly on the surface of Sisko's desk, she leaned toward him. He recognized the fiery look in her eyes; Kira was out for blood. "Command- er, this is a shameless Cardassian incursion against Bajor and the Federation. " Sisko spoke slowly, choosing his words with care. "I've spoken with Gul Dukat.

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